Saturday, 1 July 2017

The 21st Century GANDHI

India, over half a century after independence is pushing hard to emerge as a leader among 'Big Boys Clubs' of the global nations. This club includes nations like Russia, U.S.A, China, Europe who are more than self-sufficient in defense equipment's production, which is the backbone for any leading nation in the world...At last, the question remains the same...Who Holds the biggest Gun? But, apart from this psychology of world which quickly corrupting the young minds of India, 'there's another point of view', which is quite old, but effective in its own way "The Bapu's way".

Mahatma Gandhi & many other leaders who sacrificed their lives for the independence of India has different opinions for liberating India. But Bapu's approach was different from the others and unique in 100 different ways when compared to other traditional liberation movements from around the globe. The key-points in Bapu's approach were 'Non-Violence', 'Tolerance', 'Consistency', 'Non-Cooperation', 'Satyagraha Or Truth-Force' and many others, which actually paid off from time to time in Indian National Movement for Liberation.

Now, the questions arise whether these approaches are left with any significant effects in the present age, in a scenario where India aspires to be a Global Leader. These approaches were only tested in domestic conditions where the people affected were Indians, but never on a global scale, like--- "What if all Yazidis and similar communities devastated from terror organization (I.S.I.S) sits on a hunger strike.., will that have any positive effect on their condition? Will the terrorist stops the killings and Surrender? I guess not!!", "What if India stops resisting against the Terrorist strikes from Pakistani funded organizations, will they stop? Or it will encourage them to do more damage?", these are the kinds of situation which are very much delicate in nature & can't be left within an uncertain environment of Tolerance and Truth-Force. So what's the use of these approaches if they can't experiment within global diplomacy? Well, as a matter of fact, there is!.

India and Indians from thousands of years has been considered to be a peaceful country, with it's own culture and complex diversity among itself, which provided Indian with 'Tolerance' in living with people from different culture, in short 'they have a tendency not to accept different opinions but live with those who have, Peacefully'.

 'Non-Violence', which is another traditionally practiced trait of Indians- Bapu once said "I cannot teach you violence, as I do not myself believe in it. I can only teach you not to bow your heads before any one, even at the cost of your life", means he meant to taught us courage through Non-Violence in any situation. There will be times when an opponent will use a tremendous amount of force which will be highly violent in nature against us, even in that situation finding our strength and using it against self-defense takes courage to practice in real life than preaching, but it ensures victory at the end for sure.

Objection through 'Non-Cooperation' is yet another innovative & brilliant strategy he device for us as a nation. If u have any objection against any one or any ideology, express it by not cooperating with it and anything associated with it, this will show the world how much rigid we are on our stand and turn the situation in tremendous support from the world.
सत्याग्रह, एक ऐसी सोच थी जो आज भी जीवित है। हम यह सोचते है की हम सब जानते है, पर क्या हमारा अंधविश्वास तथ्यों पर आधारित है? नहीं! यह सत्य नहीं एक ग़लतफहमी है जो हमारे समाज को अंधकार की और लेकर जा रही है।

Its time that we face the facts that Terror and Terrorist activities have become "State Sponsored Terrorism" where few countries with goal to fund their arms manufacturers, sponsors 'terror activities' in rival countries and in name of self-defense, ask funds for counter terrorism activities. This system has became soo global and complicated, that many countries who are not even part of it have became its sponsor and funding death throughout world. Its high time that a new system should replace the old one, new methods to counter violence needs to practiced and put in place, and what better way than Non-Violence and Non-Cooperation.

Even the Ghandhi had a stick in one hand, and its time to understand it's relevance, 'that at some point of time, the chaos can only be ended when the stick 'weapon' meets its purpose', but till then Non-Violence is the best way to structure a 'just' society.

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